Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook

Many people accessing the internet spend their time much more on facebook than on any other website.  It will be good to use the built in keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation.  So here are helpful keyboard shortcuts for all of you who love to facebook.

ALT+M: Open a new message window (doesn’t work for IE)

ALT+1:News Feed

ALT+2:Your Profile

ALT+3:Friend Requests dropdown

ALT+4:Messages dropdown

ALT+5:Notifications dropdown

ALT+6:Account Settings

ALT+7:Privacy Settings

ALT+8:Goes to Facebook’s Page (

ALT+9:Facebook Statements of Rights and Responsibilities

ALT+0:Help Center

ALT+/:Places cursor in the Search box at top of page.

These shortcuts work best in Chrome. In firefox, you may have to press Shift together with the combination, and in Internet Explorer you should press the Enter after each combination.

via Tech-Recipe


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